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Divorce and Separation Support

For a complicated time in your life when you need to stay grounded and keep things on track – while making life-altering decisions.

Sadly, the process of divorce or separation can upend your world.

The person who was once your partner may now no longer be someone you can fully trust.

Rather than simply being able to love and support your children, you find yourself having to negotiate (or worse, argue) about how they will spend their time, where they will spend it and how things will be paid for.

What was once a home might now have become a battleground – something that is disputed and needs to be divided.

The alternating demands to be cool headed and emotionally available, strong but not unyielding, can be maddening.

You want to be understanding, but you don’t want to be taken advantage of.

It’s a period of great disorientation — one where what you thought you knew, you are no longer sure of; what you thought was solid, now seems so shaky.

A lawyer can serve a vital function as your representative in court, in meetings with other lawyers and in negotiating agreements. Mediators, too, may offer valuable help in resolving the terms of the end of your relationship.  But in these times you can benefit from another kind of service as well.

Part coach, part guide, part sounding board, I can be in the trenches with you and help give you the strength and support you need to make healthy and sound  decisions during these tough times.

For example, I can support you by:

  • Enhancing your awareness of your triggers and those of your former spouse
  • Providing you with perspective and helping you keep your emotions in balance
  • Acting as your sounding board and improving your decision-making
  • Helping you gain insight into what you really want and how to move your life forward
  • Preparing you emotionally for meetings and helping you to anticipate trouble spots
  • Working with on your communications skill

This is targeted help – what you need, when you need it – designed to support and coach you in your efforts during a tough time in your life.  To get started, please contact me at 914-295-2764.  I have convenient Manhattan offices and see people from all five boroughs and throughout the Tri-State area.

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