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Guidance and Support
for Mid-Life Stage Issues

Issues of Mid Life

​Guidance and Support for Mid Life Stage Issues | NYC Psychotherapy and Coaching

Mid adulthood presents a multitude of opportunities – and challenges as well. There are still life goals that you are working towards but at the same time it’s increasingly important to think about things like retirement and aging and all that that entails. It’s also a time that can feel very lonely, when you have fewer people to openly talk to and explore the issues that may lie ahead. It can also be a time where you are getting the message that it may be too late to change

But it’s not! There is still much time, if you use it well.

I provide supportive, insightful therapy for adults in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Some are going through a full-blown “mid life crisis,” while others may just find themselves less than satisfied with where their lives have come to or are struggling with one or more isolated challenges. I’ve worked with adults on a host of areas that may cause distress, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Phobias/Fears
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices
  • Loss/Grief and More
  • Concerns about Aging
  • Changing relationships with partner and children

I can also offer coaching services to help motivate and energize those seeking a more focused approach to achieving career and financial goals.

My clients come from all over the Greater New York City area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, and I also support clients that have an easy commute to the city, from Philadelphia to Trenton and more. It is my goal to create a supportive, explorative environment that will help uncover issues in your past, develop coping strategies for your present, and prepare you for your future.

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With years of experience in psychotherapy, coaching, and counseling for those going through midlife issues, I’m confident that we can work together and find solutions for all of the stresses and mental health struggles that you have been going through, and create a future for you that is geared towards health, happiness, and the ability to cope with future issues.

Contact me today at 914-295-2764 to schedule our first appointment together and get to know each other. Let’s start working towards your goals and create the building blocks that will have you happily looking forward to the future.

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