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Life Stress Counseling and Support

​New York is not exactly a stress free place. It has a high cost of living. It has a lot of aggression. Competition – in business and elsewhere – abounds.  Everyone also seems to be rushing from one place to another.  Ultimately, no matter who you are, where you work, or what your relationships are in life, it is not at all uncommon to experience a considerable amount of stress on a regular basis.

Yet far too many people shrug that stress off as if it is no big deal. Stress is always a big deal, especially if you’re struggling to cope. Not only does stress affect your physical health and emotional happiness – stress can actually change your hormones and the chemicals in your brain, and may someday contribute to the development of anxiety disorders and depression.  At the very least, stress is an issue that makes it harder to feel happy, and everyone deserves to feel happy.  Left unaddressed, stress can hurt the way you function daily and undermine your success at work and satisfaction at home.

NYC Stress Counseling

But stress isn’t something that you need to deal with alone.

​I provide support and assistance to those that are struggling with stress. Many of my clients suffer with severe stress, but some are simply having trouble coping with the day to day challenges that we all face in life, including:

Work – New York is a cutthroat place, and that can put hardships on finances, lead to stressful careers, and contribute to difficulties in controlling your negative emotions.

Social Life – Cities with a lot of people are no less stressful. Many people struggle with their social life, from dating to marriage to friendships, and that can lead to prolonged stress.

Parenting and Family Life – Parenting can be extremely stressful, as can trying to cope with the pressures of your family, culture, religion, sexuality, and other common stress triggers.

No matter the specific issue, by working with me you can learn to cope with stress better, and can start to experience more joy and comfort with each passing day.

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I work with people in or near New York City, so please call me at 914-295-2764 to schedule an appointment.  I will help you with your effort to break free from the problems that stress can cause.

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