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Counseling for Families in NYC

NYC Family Counseling

​There is nothing more important for good mental health and happiness than a strong family with support and connection for its members. When you have that unconditional love and kindness in your corner, there is nothing you can’t do.

But of course, maintaining that dynamic is a challenge. Indeed, most families could benefit from some outside help at various stages in their history.  As family members grow and change, different challenges may arise.

Yet, many families tend to go through a variety of struggles, including issues surrounding:

  • Money and finances
  • Power struggles with teens and pre-teens
  • Different approaches toward parenting
  • Ground rule setting
  • Presence or influence of extended family members
  • Work/life balance maintenance

Families can be a critical social support system for its members, and yet there often seem to be things that happen that challenge the system’s effectiveness.  When those things do happen, you may find that family therapy could help.

NYC Family Therapy Services

Based in Manhattan, and serving Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx, I have years of experience working with New York families who are struggling. It is my role to create a safe space where family members are able to talk about their concerns and issues. I do my best to create a supportive environment and facilitate healing, allowing you as a group to learn to communicate better, meet each other’s needs, and create a realistic dynamic that will help your family to grow and thrive.


Contact Me Today to Learn More About Family Therapy

If you and your family live in the Greater New York City area and could use help, contact me today at 914-295-2764. At our first appointment, we can discuss what family therapy entails, whether it’s the right step for you, and what a plan for going forward might look like.  Give me a call today to get started.

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