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Couples Therapy & Relationship Counseling

Assistance for Couples and Relationships in NYC

We look to intimate relationships to form the bedrock of our lives – emotionally and practically.  When things are working well, they offer us security, fulfillment and companionship, and more.  They are a secure base from which we emerge and to which we return in our efforts to succeed in the world around us.

Which is why it is so important to seek help for your relationship when things aren’t going well.  Based in Manhattan, I provide couples therapy and relationship counseling for men and women of all ages that need a safe, supportive place to openly communicate. I create a judgment free zone – a place for facilitated communication, exercises, and guidance to help heal your relationship, and a controlled environment that will keep you two feeling safe when you talk to each other.

Sometimes it’s easy to see that you’re in a relationship that needs help.  You are openly fighting, talking about splitting up, separating or divorcing, or you can’t seem to stop inflicting emotional pain on one another.

But sometimes things aren’t as obvious. Perhaps,

  • Your behaviors are almost entirely based on avoiding fights
  • You have fights with your partner in your mind without talking about it in person
  • You find that you or your partner are making decisions that seem to in preparation for a breakup, like spending less and less time together

Whether the signs are obvious or not, your relationship can benefit from help the moment you find yourself struggling to maintain it or even just letting it drift away – regardless of the specific reason why. The best part of relationships is that they add happiness and joy to your life. If you find that you and your partner aren’t getting that, or you’re having a communication breakdown, then relationship counseling can benefit you.

I will work with you to help address your relationship challenges and to communicate your needs more effectively.  I work with couples on the brink of divorce, as well as new couples that simply want a counselor to ease them through the relationship process. We’ll work on things like:

  • Communication
  • Affection
  • Sex and Intimacy

We’ll start working on how you feel independently as well, since your own emotions and experiences can often effect your relationship. There are a lot of factors that go into maintaining a great relationship, and within my practice we’ll work on all of them to help your relationship stay strong.

Contact me today for Manhattan, Brooklyn, and all NYC Relationships

No matter where your relationship is, how long you’ve been together, and what your challenges are, there are always ways to start working through your differences to build a stronger relationship. If you live or work in New York City, contact me today at 914-295-2764 to get started.

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