Treatment and Support for Problems Arising from Alcohol and Drug Use

Whether it’s too many drinks at the bar, an illicit drug from a street dealer, or the misuse of a prescription, this behavior will – sooner or later – result in difficulties for you and your loved ones.  Not only do they represent significant harm to your body and the potential for lethal and dangerous short and long term side effects. These drugs:

Weaken Your Ability to Cope With Stress – It’s why many people feel the need to go back to drugs and alcohol when they are stressed. Their body has no idea how to deal with stress otherwise, and like a muscle, stress coping needs to be exercised.

Change Your Brain/Body Chemistry – Beyond dependency, these drugs can actually change your mind and body, and cause you to think differently, experience depression or sexual dysfunction, and go through many different chemical and emotional changes.

Hurt Your Life – Drugs and alcohol are expensive. They’re time consuming. They are often illegal. They can cause you to make terrible life decisions and hurt your relationships, your work, and your finances.

Yes, drugs and alcohol can cause serious physical health problems. But drug and alcohol use typically is worse than that.  Prolonged use or misuse will lead to negative life changes and significant emotional distress.

Getting Help For Alcohol and Drug Use in New York City

Drugs and alcohol can be the basis for addictions, habits, and even lifestyles. That means that many find it very hard to control their use of these substances on their own. At my practice, I provide both alcohol counseling and drug counseling in and around New York City for the use of alcohol and illicit as well as prescription drugs.  I know how harmful these substances can be to maintaining an emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle.

I can help you overcome the challenges that come with substance use, misuse and dependency.  It’s my job to help you with all stages of recovery:

  • Quitting the habit and addiction
  • Finding your triggers and what underlies your need to use
  • Developing stress tolerance and self-control tools

Whether you’ve been using for years or have just started and already wish you could turn back time, my goal is to help you along that process and get you out of your drug and alcohol habits.

Contact me today at 914-295-2764 to schedule an appointment, or to find out more about my background and services. Drugs and alcohol “make” you need them in your life. With my help, you can help break that cycle.

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